Portugal is the 3rd best country in the world to invest in luxury real estate

The Portuguese real estate market is a safe and profitable value in terms of investment. So says an international ranking that places Portugal as the 3rd best country in the world to invest in properties in the luxury segment.

In this recently released international ranking about housing investment, Portugal rises two places in the world table, throwing Italy off the podium and falling only behind Austria and Belgium.

The "2015 Global Residence and Citizenship Programs" (GRCP) rating considered factors such as the Immigration Laws, the tax regimes and quality of life, and concluded that Portugal is one of the best destinations in the world to invest in property.

The Gold Visas program, the Residence Permit for Investment Activity and the Non-Habitual Resident regime are pointed out as favorable measures so that the foreigners settle in Portugal and invest in real estate purchase.

There are waiting lists for luxury homes

Portugal had already been considered, in the last July, as the sixth most attractive country to invest in properties by the international real estate website The Move Channel. Last week, it was in the news that on some Lisbon prime areas and on the Cascais and Estoril shores there are already waiting lists to purchase luxury real estate with certain characteristics.

In face of so much demand, the price per square meter has been increasing and the sales figures have already recovered to pre-crisis levels and are gradually continuing the growing appreciation path.

Therefore, the “Premium Housing” emerges as an investment with guaranteed and quick return.

In cities where there is no longer much room for new construction, particularly in coastal areas, the urban rehabilitation arises as a good choice to deal with this growing demand of foreigners interested in investing in Portugal.

Lately, an increase in the number of Brazilians interested in acquiring real estate on this side of the Atlantic has been verified, but there are also Chinese, South-Africans and more and more French with the intent on making this kind of investment.

Recently, the Forbes magazine highlighted the fact that many British are interested in buying real estate in Portugal because of the Brexit. And the search is not just about the Lisbon area, but is also relevant in the Algarve and on the Alentejo coast.

With beaches, good wine and good food, nice and kind people, an attractive cost of living regarding other economic realities, and above all security when terrorism is a serial concern in so many countries, Portugal is definitely a "heavy weight" where it's worth invest in the real estate and tourism sectors.