Planning a project for a trading space is not just consumate an aesthetic work and a great architectural idea.

In the case of trade projects, above everything else is the need to contribute for the business success, namely searching for ways to speed up the operation, to take the best of the human and logistic resources and to facilitate the sales achievement.

Thus, the trading area organization is extremely important, as well as to clearly define the functional areas, thinking in the store’s workers, the suppliers and the clients, focusing on the type of business and on the demands it imposes to attract buyers.

In essence, the role of an architectural and engineering project for commerce is to give shape to traders needs, so that they can profit the best possible with their businesses.

The legal framework is a fundamental point to consider, as well as the obligation to strictly comply with the Law’s requirements, especially in terms of labor legislation and of accessibility standards for public spaces.

Obtaining the proper building permits and operating licenses is largely dependent on the intervention strategy of engineers and architects, which are also essential to follow to the letter a strict budget plan.