Sports projects construction can be more or less complex, depending on the equipments characteristics.

This type of work demands a very careful choice of the materials to use, namely considering durability and thermal capacity, once this details highly value the investment, especially considering the long term and the spaces´ future management and maintenance.

Standing before the challenge to create a sports equipment, architecture and engineering professionals face several difficulties, particularly to conciliate the inherent requirements of the sports modalities at issue with the comfort desired by viewers.

Also relevant are the sports infrastructure aesthetic effects on its surrounding environment. Usually, we are before big dimension structures that may have a huge impact in people’s lifes. This way, the materials and/or colors’ selection is crucial to ensure they fit well in the surrounding area.

When elaborating a sports project, details like the air quality inside the building and the energetic efficiency are fundamental points to consider, otherwise the light’s or health’s accounts can be exorbitant.

Already existing sports equipments remodelation or rehabilitation can be an even bigger challenge than to build from scratch, given the need to solve problems and/or to find alternatives for bad choices made in the initial project.