Recovery and Rehabilitation

Buildings´ recovery and rehabilitation gathers the challenging need of combining past and present with the customer requirements.

And if it is important to follow history´s trace and the authenticy of the building to recover, it is equally essential to print some innovation, but whitout forgetting the regulations criteria – and these can be even stricter, when it comes to ancient buildings with high historical and heritage value.

In architectonic and engineering terms, this type of project may entail some complexity, namely depending on the building´s general state and of its future use. There are situations with such a level of degradation that it becomes more rational and easier proceed to total reconstruction, and other cases where recovery just demands resizing´s works, and improvements inside the house.

Rehabilitation is an area where there are many doubts, namely about the analysis of the involved costs, and in relation to compulsory licensing, either for reconstruction or for use or reconfiguration changes, either for expansion works or yet for remodeling without facade effects.

In this process, the architect´s role is fundamental, not just to give advice and to speed up bureaucratic processes for the start-up of works, but also for the essential task of supervising the works, and specially to guarantee there is no slippage, neither of costs nor of time, nor unpleasant "technical" obstacles along the way.