Projecting works in healthcare is one of the most demanding construction challenges because it requires very strict specifications.

Health equipments demand very specific features and in its projection we must follow detailed indications, in terms of design and construction, not neglecting its future maintenance, following very insightful techniques, as well as firm legal principles, especially in the hygiene and safety domains.

We must also consider the importance of creating sustainables spaces that allow costs control, in terms of operating and energy costs. If there are no competent professionals in the field, the maintenance costs will very easily skyrocket for unafordable values.

The architect and the engineer play key technical roles so that the equipment can emerge with every needed conditions, in the sense of a fault-free operation, with the spaces properly defined, for instance, allowing transportation and manoeuvering stretchers between different floors.

These professionals have as main function to guarantee the maximum effectiveness of the health infrastructure, reconciling all technical requirements with the human side that calls for comfort. It is fundamental for the health professionals to develop their vital activities, and for the users to feel "cherished", and welcomed in the space.