A house is a mark of the life history of those who will inhabit it and also a structural element of the surrounding landscape.

A housing architectonic and engineering project can not be unrelated with this concepts, being the main challege achieving the perfect combination between the public outside and the private inside.

Architecture must weight several dualities when conceiving projects for housing, namely the divergences between tradicion and modernity, and between aesthetic and functionality.

In the path of any professional of this area there is also to consider the importance of being able to meet customer requirements, and at the same time fulfil all the Law´s demands.

We must highlight concepts such as the thermal and energetic efficiency conditions, as well as dully weigh ideas such as environmental sustainability, increasingly expensive terms in today's society.

An architecture and engineering project considers all these factors, always with the customer´s needs and desires in aim, but without forgetting the place´s particularities and the surrounding environment, nor the sense of rigor combined with pragmatism and competence, namely in order to meet deadlines and budgets.